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My progress on writing so far

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 4:26AM by mrbabysparrow 0 Comments -

Back to some other facts of writing online that I have experienced so far: At first, my ambition of earning instant money makes me crazy. The proof for that poor understanding and knowledge is that I apply for any writing site that I find promising. As a result, I fail, all of them. The worst thing is that my account at Constant content was suspended. So besides some articles published on Triond which gain me some cents, I have nothing. I have lost my precious opportunities to write for such a professional and promising website - Constant content- which then meant so much to me. I feel frustrated and disappointed. Not giving up after such those ridiculous failure, I apply for Helium which there's a time I found it not worth my time. To my surprise and salvation, I find a huge and open community here at Helium where I can learn from other successful writer as well as honing my writing skill. I love Helium from that moment when I realize that my articles really earn me a rather decent income which is some few cents. Quickly, I came to one conclusion, if you are a newbie in this tough writing field, just find a market where you can both improve your writing skill and earning some little income in order to inspire and motivate you to move ahead. Put aside Triond where you can only post your any type of writing, Helium is where you can build a real writing career in which you want to know as a professional or an expert in a specialized area. I have found my way, just go and I will arrive where I want to arrive: such a professional writer and an expert in my chosen arena.

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Romantic scene

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 12:28AM by mrbabysparrow 0 Comments -

You sitting there, in the wide and open view. You can hear the voice of rain drops led by the piano sounds. What can be more wonderful than that? You can see the way these very tiny drops fill in the sky, the way they form a slim wall of sparkling white water. The melodious piano really melt into that wall, reminds you of such a romantic pictures of sound and image. Suddenly, the piano disappears, then the violin from the very far away substitute, together with the new fresh feeling in your soul. You then are blended in the spirit and mentality to become just a pure baby.


Getting the first step to your writing career?

Fri, 10/29/2010 - 1:23AM by mrbabysparrow 0 Comments -

So you are known about getting paid by writing online, and you want to join. But where to begin, how to start and what to write, do these questions always clutter your mind? There’re no difficulties in finding something to write for those who love writing, do you agree with me? How about where to begin and how to start? I have had bad experiences of starting writing. It is out of my hastiness in making money. Although my husband has told me that I should take it slowly and step by step, but I didn’t hear. So I have advices for those who are about to begin.

Firstly, you should consider your situation. Are you a professional writer or just a beginner? Are you really good at writing? Then when you have enough information to make your decision of where you should submit your articles? I have known Triond which is rather easy to get your writing publish, and I do suggest you start from there. I have done for myself too. I have had three articles published there, one about Floating Lives movies, and another about Nha Trang traveling. The last one is about how to start writing online.

Secondly, do not stop writing, the more you write, the more you learn. Write, write and write until you are accepted by some places you desire with more professional environments and more talented writers. That’s my motto so far now.

You now may wonder how about my income? Yeah, right, the last reason why we are writing day by day, finally isnt it for money? Well, let simplify it. Just thinking of your writing skill improved, your name get gradually known, then money will comes, I believe.


Something about online writing job

Thu, 10/28/2010 - 11:29PM by mrbabysparrow 0 Comments -
The explosion of information technology likewise the Internet has given a lot of opportunities for talented writers to show themselves linked to making more money. People gradually find it a bit easier road to fame and fortune. But what qualifications that you are supposed to meet in order to get accepted and to be more and more rich with your writing skill? That's the point for all newbies attempting to walk into this kinda tough field.
The first you need when you land your first leg onto this is your determination, not your skill  as you may thought. Because there's times you may get lost or get daunted while you are on your journey to attain your goal, your dream. There have been a lot of obstacles out there waiting to discourage you, holding you back and sinking you down to the end of the world, at least it is your thought at that time. In this moment, only your persistence can keep you go on, keep you motivated and have belief in yourself. That is why it is essential that you do prepare for yourself a good foundation of confidence.
Now that you feel confident, right? That is very good that confidence is with you all your road, but you know what, confidence is not all, it's just your partner. You need more than that. It is the reason for the appearance of your strategy, the second one. Without strategy or orientation, you are just like the ant in a bowl, merely hanging around and around and so getting no progress. When making mention of strategy, there are a lot of strategies, it all depends on each person. Everyone have their strategy fixing their own situation. Therefore,we can't tell what strategy is good, and what is bad, but consider its efficiency.
You have confidence, you have your own strategy and, what to do next? Supposed that you have an effective strategy where you have shaped your style, your objectives, your step-by-step ladder to get to the top of writing hill, does it mean you almost hold the sweet fruit of your success in your hands? No, it does not, it's just the feeling of touching it not getting it. This is not to daunt you but to let you see such a long run you have to spend until you can attain the achievement. Who knows what you can encounter during your long journey? Though, you should start your engine right now, head straight for your goal and move on. Meanwhile, be sure that you take focus all the time, that is also the third point which will be dealt with another time .
Writing job online has a promise of a bright future for people who have talent in writing added to their passion of writing, of letting their inner voice speak out loud. The attracted aspect of this kind of job is that you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you are good at using English. After all, remember this statement "practice makes perfect". Do your homework as many as you can.

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